• Highly Expertise in manufacturing violin family and accessories with incredible workmanship following international norms.

  • Our skill in making Violing parts and accessories is preceded by years long experiences.

  • our website will make you able to get an overall impression about our business


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About Dona Musical Parts And Accessories

Dona Musical Parts And Accessories starts its journey to the destination of becoming skilled violin, viola, cello and bass fitting parts with simple belongings of just a few craftsmen, a small capital and a humble shed.


You are most welcome to our business website. Your tour to our website will make you able to get an overall impression about our business. You will be aware about products’ and services. Making of superior quality of western musical instruments like viola, violin, cello, bass and guitar fittings parts is our specialty. We are also pioneer in making different musical instruments parts like peg, tailpiece, chinrest, endpin, nut & saddle, fingerboard, mute etc. of various models and measurements.

We are proud of having instant approval of the products by our customers in U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Argentina and many other countries in abroad for the superior products made by our skilled craftsmen. Not only that the customers always feel comfortable with our prices and assured of our prompt and punctual delivery of goods to their right destinations.

Why Choose DMPA

When you choose DMPA for your business dealings you are also selecting our international reputation for innovation and integrity. We lead the way in developing highly systematized workmanship and have pioneered in bringing forth more and more sophisticated and attractive super finished products. We aim to act in advance to deal with an expected difficulty to match our clients' need. Our expert craftsmen with their in-depth knowledge are able to match your range of products to fit your requirements. Our comprehensive services based on long experience, support and complement your business needs at every step along your route to perfection.

Latest Products

Violin Chinrest Rosewood Arrow DMPA/CH 12
Lup x wolf eliminator mute Chello & Violin DMPA/MT 24
Violin Teka Chinrest Rosewood 35mm DMPA / CH 11